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The Olympian Fortress Swim Academy

Serving Orange County Florida

Permanent location coming soon....

No Matter Your Skill Level, We Are Here For You


Delicate Mendel


A delicate being full of wisdom that we do not always recognize. Babies are wiser than we know with skills unknown. Watch as your baby amazes you as they gain the survival skills needed in a state surrounded by water.


Novice Ares

Beginning Swimmers

Bodies of water are large and powerful but so are you. Learn how to use that power to move through the water with confidence. 


Transitional Cadmus

Intermediate Swimmers

You have transitioned  from learning how to navigate through water. Now it is time to increase your mind and skills to be ready to advance to the next level.



Excelled Oceanus

Advanced Swimmers

You have  excelled in your ability to overcome many challenges. You have mastered control over your body within the water. You are ready to increase your endurance, your strokes, and overall skill development.

How does it work?

Pick between single sessions or pick a pricing plan for multiple sessions

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Provide the address of the pool that lessons will be conducted.

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Where you Find Refuge Within the Water

The Olympian Fortress Swim Academy is dedicated to ensure that your experience within the water is one of peace and tranquility. We want to ensure that you feel relaxed and confident within the water. 

Ready for the Pool

Where you Find your Competitive Spirit

The Olympian Fortress Swim Academy will develop your skills to the point where you are considered to be a competitive swimmer. You will develop your ability to increase endurance, speed, and technique. Whatever your goal we help to get you there!

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